Saturday, April 7, 2012

Tresemme, Tresemme, Ooh la la...

          When it comes to my hair, I’m very, uninvolved. I’m just not good with hair, especially not my own. I think my hair is a consciously aware creature that devotes it’s time to messing with me. Depending on the humidity it’s a frizzy curly mess or a frizzy straight mess. Sometimes, about twice a year, it looks nice for no reason at all. A temporary fit of mercy, I suppose. Either way, I’ve just about given up with the whole thing. It drives me crazy to have a full face of makeup, though, and then, just…my hair.

            Every once in a while I stumble on a hair product in a store and think “why not?” Usually, a reason “why not” becomes apparent after I purchase the product and use it. This time though, I’m not so sure.

            The product I speak of is the Tresemme Split Remedy Split End Healing Serum. As far as I know, this is a relatively new product, but I could be wrong. It promises to reduce split ends by up to 80% after 3 uses. Like I said, I’m kind of stunted when it comes to working with hair, so I’m not sure if I have bad split ends or not, but I do have very fine, frizzy hair that is pretty oily at the roots and kind of dry at the tips.

            It was the packaging that caught my eye initially, since I’m a sucker for pastels paired with black. The price ($5) didn’t hurt either and, again, I thought, “why not?”

Here are some pictures of the packaging

(Lets all ignore my trash can, shall we? It's a game called "I'm not messy, dad." I've played it for years- it's real fun)

            The product is pretty heavily scented, but it doesn’t overpower anything else I put in my hair. It’s kind of a sweet, clean scent. It smells like my Suave Clarifying shampoo. It’s not exactly unpleasant, but I certainly don’t want a perfume version. For reference, I’m not sensitive to moderate scents, so this does not bother me.

            The product itself is very thin, and I have to be pretty careful when pumping it in my hands because it will slide right out of my palm. It’s a milky color and one pump dispenses a good amount. It’s easy to work into my hair, but only if my hair is damp. If my hair is still very wet, then the product just sort of slides around and doesn’t get dispersed as evenly.

Here we see that it is already running down my hand.

Conclusion: I’m a fan. It doesn’t leave a horrible greasy residue on my hands (or my hair), though there is a little stickiness. It smoothes out my hair wonderfully and makes it really soft to the touch. My frizz is drastically reduced when I use this product and if I go a day without using this product, I can tell. I really enjoy using this product on my hair, but it’s not a life changer. I still hate my hair, but less so I think that makes this product worth it. If I ran out, I’d probably repurchase. It’s cheap and nice to have on hand.

Where to buy: Drugstores, Target & Wal-Mart. It’s somewhere in the $5-$7 range.

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