Saturday, April 28, 2012

Special Saturdays- MAC Club as a Lipgloss & Usher

     It’s Saturday! And Saturday’s are spectacular! In honor of that spectacular-ness (yeah, I went there) I’m going to start a tradition. On Saturdays (sometimes it will be the only post & sometimes it will be in addition to other posts) I will talk about a song/artist that I’m really loving or an interesting YouTube video (which will usually be about music anyways) as well as some sort of interesting makeup thing like a gimmicky product or the look I did that day. Sound fun? Good, cause I’m doing it.

     This week is about the 90’s. I was just a kid in the 90’s (I was born in 1991), so I didn’t wear makeup, but I did love the music and 90's Usher was awesome!

     Let's compare this

     To this

     See where I'm going with this? Now, I like the new Usher. I’m good with the songs he puts out and I own a few (including OMG).  That being said, I prefer the Usher who smoothly sings about heartache and torn loyalties to the Usher who has a song with the word “boobies” in the first verse. Maybe this is my pretentious English major sensibilities surfacing, but honestly, I think he’s just been too swept up in current song trends. And it’s not like all his songs in the 90’s were deep (I’m looking at you “My Way”), I just think that overall his songs used to have a little more substance.

     He’s still as catchy as ever, though!

     Next up is 90's makeup. I'm kind of glad that I was not wearing makeup in the 90's because there would have been way too many pictures of me wearing frosty brown lipstick. Let me tell ya' that is not my color.

     I like Jennifer Anniston & I don't think that brown lipstick is universally hideous. In fact, I don't do blank statements like that, especially where makeup is concerned because it is is personal. That being said...

...What is up with that? I'm gonna go out on a limb and say no to the dark lipliner & light lipstick. Just no. For everyone- no.

   What actually brought about this whole post is a lipgloss that I bought. It looks like MAC club eyeshadow, but for your lips, which is kind of cool. I think it’s a pretty lipgloss, but cannot think of where I would wear it. If only it were still the 90’s!

    It looks a bit browner in real life, but you get the idea. Honestly, I don't even know why I got this. My mom offered to get it for me and I thought "why not?" It's really pretty and I love glitter so it definitely belongs in my life. I'll think of somewhere to use it.

     I got it at Sally's Beauty Supply for a couple of bucks, so if you're intrigued (and I know you are) check there.

     That was my first random Saturday post. What do you think of 90's music or makeup? Did you like my lipgloss? Let me know in the comments.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blushes- A Bouncy Ball for Grown Ups

     I feel like the new Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blushes have gotten a bad rap from other beauty bloggers. Yes, they are sheer and, yeah, that probably sucks if you have dark skin. If you are freakishly (awesomely) pale, though, they are kind of splendid. I have two and though I don’t think they are “my colors” they are quite lovely.

     The packaging is nothing special but it is pretty sturdy. I like how little space it takes up. I think the blushes are rather cute.

     We have to talk about the texture, right? They are…weird. You can press your finger into them and create a little finger print, but I’m not willing to use the adjective “bouncy” to describe these. It’s like putty, not a bouncy ball. Despite the seemingly dense texture in the pan, they go on light and smooth. They are easy to blend and layer. Really they are super fun to play with and apply. It’s almost equal parts toy to blush. I feel very whimsical when applying these.

     I can see how these might be an epic fail for darker ladies, but for my skin they show up just fine. In fact, on my NC10 skin, it’s easy for me to overdo it (story of my life). They last pretty well on my normal cheeks, without a powder on top. On the skin there is no discernible glitter or shimmer, but they provide a satin sort of finish.

     The two colors I bought are Plum Wine (cool dark purple, with a bit of red) and Coral Crush (medium soft orange). I don't find either color to be particularly flattering on my skin tone and Plum Wine is decidedly corpse-ish. I think it will be suitable base for other colors, though. Coral Crush is definitely something I will use on it's own.

(Coral Crush & Plum Wine)
(With Flash)
(Without Flash)

     Conclusion: I like them well enough. If I were a cream blush person I would probably go back and get some other colors, but I prefer powder formulas for my blush. With that being said, I’m still desperately tempted to get a pale pink shade.

Where to buy: Drugstores. $6-10, 5.6 grams.

Do you own any of these? What do you think? Any colors I should get? Let me know in the comments :)

Friday, April 13, 2012

Review: April MyGlam Bag

     I just received my first MyGlam bag in the mail today and can I just say “wooooooooooo?” Okay, Woo. In case you don’t know, MyGlam is one of those monthly services where you pay a fee each month (usually around $10) and they send you a package of beauty samples in return. It is a wildly popular concept and there are about 3,000 services like this. MyGlam is a bit newer than some of the others and I picked this one because, when looking at all the other services, this one had the most samples, overall, that I liked and it seems like they have the most makeup samples from brands I recognize.

     I filled out a survey when I signed up, but I don’t think it had much to do with what anyone got in their bag. The only thing that really differed for everyone was the color of the eyeliner and style of the lashes. In my profile I list myself as more natural when it comes to beauty, yet got some pretty dramatic lashes and a very bright eyeliner.

     This service sends its packages out in cute little bags and you get 5 items. This month I received an Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner pencil in Radium, Dermstore Lip Quench, a set of All-Belle lashes & two MyGlam makeup brushes.

     The bag is a pretty metallic pink and will probably be my new makeup bag for my purse. It smells kind of chemicall-y, but I think that’s just because it’s cheap. I’m not saying the cheapness is a bad thing. It's not like they have to include a bag with every month. I didn’t expect a really high quality, designer type bag. It’s cute and simple.

     The eyeliner I got is not full sized, but travel sized. A full size 24/7 eyeliner is .04 US oz and the one I received this month is .03 US oz. Since a full size is $19 and I paid $10 for the whole bag, I think the eyeliner covers the cost of the bag. I’ve been dying to try a 24/7 pencil, but have never gotten around to buying one so I was thrilled to see it in my bag. I received the color Radium which, as far as I’m aware, is only available in the Electric 24/7 Travel-Size Set of 5. Please correct me if I’m wrong. It’s creamy, glides well and is a pretty bright blue.

     Next I have a set of false lashes. Again, I was super excited for this because I have never used false lashes before, but had wanted to give them a go for a while. I mean, that’s what this whole service is about- letting the consumer try out products that are new to them. So far so good.

     Next is the Dermstore Lip Quench, which is actually a weird product. It claims to give “thin, dry lips a fuller, smoother, hydrated appearance,” and I’m kind of indecisive about whether it does or not. The sample I got is full size (.21 OZ), which is nice, and it typically retails for $12. Again, this bag is a really good deal. It smells like chemical berries or berry punch. It does have some shimmer and a slight pink tint. It comes in a squeeze tube, but it is very thick. It isn’t sticky, but it is waxy. On the lips it feels like an EOS lip balm (which is much cheaper and cuter and smells better). The product does moisturize my lips well, and I’m glad to have the product, but I would never buy it on my own. I’d just get another EOS. I wouldn’t do that either, but only because I have a million of them.

     I have tiny lid space so I love small brushes. Not only are these pink and cute they are pretty good quality. The eyeshadow brush is pony hair (which I don’t like, but since I didn’t get to pick it, okay, fine) and the eyeliner brush is nylon. I am over the moon about the eye liner brush because it is perfect for filling in my brows. My brows have a kind of thin shape, so the brush is precise and it is very narrow, which is great for getting between hairs. I had actually been looking for an eyeliner brush just like this one and then, BAM, here it arrives in my mailbox. Fantastic.

     Conclusion: Overall, I am very pleased with this bag and think it is well worth the $10. From what I’ve heard this is one of the best bags MyGlam has put out, though, so be wary. Next month could be terrible. That’s just the nature of these services. I think MyGlam would be perfect for someone who has just gotten into makeup, has a small collection or has very few expensive items (like me) because each month is more likely to send you things that you don’t have already.

     Where to buy: MyGlam is not accepting subscriptions right now, but you can go to their website ( and sign up to be added to the waiting list. They’ll email you when subscriptions become available and if you want it, when you get that email, jump on it. It sells out quick.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Review: L’Oreal Color Riche leGloss

            I love lipgloss. And I hate it. I love it for a low maintenance finish to my look that adds color, and shine while keeping my lips moisturized. Pretty much all lipsticks dry out my lips to some extent, but with a lipgloss I don’t have to deal with that. I always try new lipgloss formulas that I see, because I’m always looking for a gloss that actually shows up. My lips are pretty pigmented and I have gotten so many promising lipglosses, only to have them end up looking clear. I’ve just come to expect that from lipgloss, it’s okay, I’ve come to terms. Sometimes, though, I’m pleasantly surprised.
            I have been so excited to try out the L’Oreal Color Riche leGloss, because they have some lovely colors and I’m always on the hunt for a new gloss. It’s not a hobby; it’s a state of being. I finally got one at CVS with a coupon and sale and blah blah blah and was so excited! Did I mention that this lipgloss was exciting for me? Yeah.
            It comes in a common squeeze tube, though this one is thinner than normal, which I like. I prefer wand applicators, just because I usually squeeze too much out with these tubes and make a crazy mess on my face but, since it is thinner it makes application a little more precise. It looks sleeker than other squeeze tubes, as well, and I love the gold accents. I think gold is kind of uncommon in drugstore makeup, so it’s a nice change. The scent is kind of cupcake-frosting-ish, but not strong. I only notice it if I sniff the tube. I got the color 159 Golden Splash which is a really nice corally/peachy-pink yumminess with golden shimmer.

(No lip products at all)
(L'Oreal leGloss)

Look! You can see my jacked up teeth!

           The formula isn’t too thick or sticky, but it is very present. I never forgot I was wearing lipgloss or anything, but it didn’t drive me batshit. It lasts pretty well (4+ hours) and doesn’t migrate terribly. And the color showed up! Hallelujah! It was fantastic and I was already planning the other lipglosses I wanted from this line, when tragedy struck. It dried out my lips. When I say “dried out” I mean desiccated. I’ve eaten dried fruit that was juicier than my lips after this gloss. About an hour into wear I smooshed my lips together (like I do) and I still felt the thick layer of gloss I had applied, but underneath my lips were dried and icky. It was so weird, especially since I had lip balm beneath the gloss. I don’t know what happened, but I’m disappointed, since I loved the color on my lips so much.
           Conclusion: This lipgloss gives me sadness. I was excited to find a lipgloss color that worked for me, but saddened by the weird reaction my lips had. It always leaves my lips dry and in desperate need of chapstick. It does more damage to my lips than some of my lipsticks even. We are in the lip Twilight Zone here people. I’m going to see if I can’t make this work, though, and I’ll probably still wear it (why yes, I am a glutton for punishment).
Where to Buy: Drugstores, Target etc. Price ranges from $6-$8 methinks.
Have you tried one of these glosses? Did you have the same crazy experience I did, or did they work out okay for you? Let me know in the comments :)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Tresemme, Tresemme, Ooh la la...

          When it comes to my hair, I’m very, uninvolved. I’m just not good with hair, especially not my own. I think my hair is a consciously aware creature that devotes it’s time to messing with me. Depending on the humidity it’s a frizzy curly mess or a frizzy straight mess. Sometimes, about twice a year, it looks nice for no reason at all. A temporary fit of mercy, I suppose. Either way, I’ve just about given up with the whole thing. It drives me crazy to have a full face of makeup, though, and then, just…my hair.

            Every once in a while I stumble on a hair product in a store and think “why not?” Usually, a reason “why not” becomes apparent after I purchase the product and use it. This time though, I’m not so sure.

            The product I speak of is the Tresemme Split Remedy Split End Healing Serum. As far as I know, this is a relatively new product, but I could be wrong. It promises to reduce split ends by up to 80% after 3 uses. Like I said, I’m kind of stunted when it comes to working with hair, so I’m not sure if I have bad split ends or not, but I do have very fine, frizzy hair that is pretty oily at the roots and kind of dry at the tips.

            It was the packaging that caught my eye initially, since I’m a sucker for pastels paired with black. The price ($5) didn’t hurt either and, again, I thought, “why not?”

Here are some pictures of the packaging

(Lets all ignore my trash can, shall we? It's a game called "I'm not messy, dad." I've played it for years- it's real fun)

            The product is pretty heavily scented, but it doesn’t overpower anything else I put in my hair. It’s kind of a sweet, clean scent. It smells like my Suave Clarifying shampoo. It’s not exactly unpleasant, but I certainly don’t want a perfume version. For reference, I’m not sensitive to moderate scents, so this does not bother me.

            The product itself is very thin, and I have to be pretty careful when pumping it in my hands because it will slide right out of my palm. It’s a milky color and one pump dispenses a good amount. It’s easy to work into my hair, but only if my hair is damp. If my hair is still very wet, then the product just sort of slides around and doesn’t get dispersed as evenly.

Here we see that it is already running down my hand.

Conclusion: I’m a fan. It doesn’t leave a horrible greasy residue on my hands (or my hair), though there is a little stickiness. It smoothes out my hair wonderfully and makes it really soft to the touch. My frizz is drastically reduced when I use this product and if I go a day without using this product, I can tell. I really enjoy using this product on my hair, but it’s not a life changer. I still hate my hair, but less so I think that makes this product worth it. If I ran out, I’d probably repurchase. It’s cheap and nice to have on hand.

Where to buy: Drugstores, Target & Wal-Mart. It’s somewhere in the $5-$7 range.
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