Saturday, April 28, 2012

Special Saturdays- MAC Club as a Lipgloss & Usher

     It’s Saturday! And Saturday’s are spectacular! In honor of that spectacular-ness (yeah, I went there) I’m going to start a tradition. On Saturdays (sometimes it will be the only post & sometimes it will be in addition to other posts) I will talk about a song/artist that I’m really loving or an interesting YouTube video (which will usually be about music anyways) as well as some sort of interesting makeup thing like a gimmicky product or the look I did that day. Sound fun? Good, cause I’m doing it.

     This week is about the 90’s. I was just a kid in the 90’s (I was born in 1991), so I didn’t wear makeup, but I did love the music and 90's Usher was awesome!

     Let's compare this

     To this

     See where I'm going with this? Now, I like the new Usher. I’m good with the songs he puts out and I own a few (including OMG).  That being said, I prefer the Usher who smoothly sings about heartache and torn loyalties to the Usher who has a song with the word “boobies” in the first verse. Maybe this is my pretentious English major sensibilities surfacing, but honestly, I think he’s just been too swept up in current song trends. And it’s not like all his songs in the 90’s were deep (I’m looking at you “My Way”), I just think that overall his songs used to have a little more substance.

     He’s still as catchy as ever, though!

     Next up is 90's makeup. I'm kind of glad that I was not wearing makeup in the 90's because there would have been way too many pictures of me wearing frosty brown lipstick. Let me tell ya' that is not my color.

     I like Jennifer Anniston & I don't think that brown lipstick is universally hideous. In fact, I don't do blank statements like that, especially where makeup is concerned because it is is personal. That being said...

...What is up with that? I'm gonna go out on a limb and say no to the dark lipliner & light lipstick. Just no. For everyone- no.

   What actually brought about this whole post is a lipgloss that I bought. It looks like MAC club eyeshadow, but for your lips, which is kind of cool. I think it’s a pretty lipgloss, but cannot think of where I would wear it. If only it were still the 90’s!

    It looks a bit browner in real life, but you get the idea. Honestly, I don't even know why I got this. My mom offered to get it for me and I thought "why not?" It's really pretty and I love glitter so it definitely belongs in my life. I'll think of somewhere to use it.

     I got it at Sally's Beauty Supply for a couple of bucks, so if you're intrigued (and I know you are) check there.

     That was my first random Saturday post. What do you think of 90's music or makeup? Did you like my lipgloss? Let me know in the comments.


  1. I have You Make me Wanna in my head now! :) Haven't heard it in forever. I do miss the old Usher.
    That lipgloss is pretty unique does it work over other colors like a pink or berry tone lipstick? Would be cool to see if it can change depending on what you put it over.

    1. I was humming that song for days after writing this post. I took your suggestion and tried the lipgloss over a berry shade and a vampy purple and while the effect was cool, both times, for me the teal shimmer is just too crazy for day wear. The brown definately takes a backseat when the gloss is layered, though.


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