Friday, June 22, 2012

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains

     The idea of a lip stain is incredibly appealing to me. This is, mostly, because I am lazy, but also because I have a weird habit when it comes to lip products. I wipe off my lipstick/gloss before eating or drinking anything, all the time. I hate the ring of lip-gunk around a glass almost as much as alarm clock buzzers. It just drives me crazy (short drive).

     Therefore since, hypothetically, stains last an extraordinary amount of time on the lips without fading or smearing I feel more comfortable eating or drinking while wearing them. Usually, though, stains just cause my lips to shrivel painfully and when I try to put chapstick on to soothe my pain, the stain vanishes. The promises of a semi-permanent lip product entice me every time, though, and I keep getting my little heart torn apart when staring into a bathroom mirror.
     The new Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains do a good job of lifting my spirits, much like an 80’s rom-com.

     They are packaged similarly to Clinique Chubby Sticks (of which I have none) and Tarte LipSurgence tints (of which I have one mini). They are like a pencil, but they are housed in plastic, not wood, and twist up so no sharpening is required. They have a pointed tip, but eventually that will flatten with use.

     I have seven lovely colors.
055 Adore is a dark cool toned red. The stain it leaves is suprisingly light in color and wearable.

 045 Romantic is a warm tomato red that fades to orange quickly.

040 Rendevous is a bright orange. It's not a neon, but pretty close. It's pretty opaque, as well.

030 Smitten is cool, purple toned pink.

025 Sweetheart is bright, watermelon pink.

005 Crush is a warm berry with ultra-fine pink/red sparkle. This stain isn't as opaque as I would like, but it is very easy to build.

001 Honey is a brownish pink leaning slightly mauve. I can't get this one to show up on my extremely pigmented lips, so buyer beware.
(L-R: 001 Honey, 005 Crush, 025 Sweetheart, 030 Smitten, 040 Rendevous, 045 Romantic & 055 Adore)
     These apply like a shiny balm, but last like a stain. The finish dries down after about an hour and though they aren’t nearly as moisturizing as the Revlon ColorBurst Lipbutters, they don’t become even slightly uncomfortable on my lips until after two or more hours. What’s really nice about the formula is that they are moisturizing enough that I can keep reapplying the balm whenever my lips feel dry and the stain doesn’t disintegrate, like it would if I applied a regular chapstick. I can eat or drink and the balm will remain, I can reapply throughout the day (usually only about 4 or 5 times) and my lips never feel unbearably dry (matte lipsticks damage my lips more than these babies).

     In comparison to Tarte LipSurgence tints, the Revlon JBKBS (no, I am not gonna spell it out again) are a little less moisturizing, but they do last longer. I think the moisture you lose is so slight compared to the wear time you gain that it’s worth it. Also, they’re a fraction of the cost. What can I say, I’m cheap.

     Overall, I’m a huge fan. I love the minty scent and creamy texture. I love the crayon-like packaging. I am just in love. They’re basically Pokémon for grow-ups (gotta catch ‘em all). So go on— get catching.

Where to find: Try your local drugstore or Target. They retail for about $8-$9.

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