Thursday, June 28, 2012

L'Oreal 24 HR Infallible Eyeshadows for Summer 2012

     Everytime I feel like I have all the L’Oreal 24 hour Infallible eyeshadows colors that I want, they release a few more. This summer L’Oreal brings us 6 new-to-the-U.S. shades and they are gorgeous!

     I bought four of them because the brown color didn't seem particularly special and I knew I would never use the pink shade...though I have been thinking, absentmindedly, about it for the past few days.

    I bought

     The only shade of the bunch with outright glitter is 335 Golden Emerald, but that fallout isn't that bad. All of these shades are gorgeous and shimmery with excellent color payoff. 337 Endless Sea and 556 Smoldering Plum are the least complex of the four, but still lovely. 996 Liquid diamon is my favorite by miles. It's ethereal and complex.  I reccomend all of these colors.

     Where to buy: Drugstores and such for $8-$10.

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  1. Wow! These are so amazing :D They look massively pigmented, I might have to get some!
    I am a new follower :D - Would love for you to check my blog out when you have a minute x


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