Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Face Wipe That Leaves No Residue? About Time.

When I first saw the Simple skincare line I, literally, thought "Oh, another one," meaning another skincare line. I didn't think about it much. I liked the packaging (GREEN!), but otherwise I walked right past it.

When I take off my makeup at night I use a make-up remover wipe and for the past few years my wipe of choice has been Yes To Cucumbers. I was pleased, until the formula was changed, or something. After two years of using the same freaking wipe every night it started to burn my face. I don't know why it happened, but I immediately started looking for a new face wipe and I am overjoyed that I did.

I now use Simple Skin Care Experts Exfoliating Face Wipes. You know how when you're experimenting with your skincare routine you find products, every once in a while, that revolutionize your process? In the history of my skincare routine, I just discovered philosophy, or toilet paper, or something else monumentally revolutionary (don't try and tell me TP was not revolutionary).

Anyways, Simple Skincare is a U.K. brand and I'm sure you've seen tons of ads for it or even seen it in stores.
This, my lovelies, is the packaging. You can see that is comes in the typical bag-thingy, where you just pull up that sticker that seals the package shut and take out a wipe as needed. Nice, simple, effective.
 Here is the back, with the ingredient list and all that jazz. Let me zoom up on that for you.
Ahhhh, much better. So there's a couple things in here that I can't pronounce (simple, yeah, right...) But we also have some familiar skincare faces (pun much?) like aloe. I'm gonna tell you right now, these are pretty soothing for my face, which has some slight redness.
This has a little more info for us. In the wipes we also have vitamins (totally read this in a British accent) B5 & E. Nice.
I have never used a face wipe that leaves no residue, though they all make that claim. These wipes, though, feel really nice. I feel like they clean my face and if I want to, I can just use these and hop into bed without moisturizing or toning. I don't do that often, but I love having the option without fearing a zit in the morning as retribution.
You know what else? These suckers exfoliate. I should probably type it as "ex-fol-i-ate" to provide some emphasis about how truly awesome these are. Let me show you.

Check that out. Unfortunately, I don't have any face wipes to show you a comparison of the textures, but if you are an avid face wipe user, you'll be able to spot the difference.
This amazing exfoliating texture does have its downside, however. The texture feels lovely all over my face, except for in my eye area. OUCH. Unless the skin around your eyes is made of steel, you're going to have some trouble in that department. These are not going to help you take off your eye makeup or the residue left by a separate liquid remover. It can -- the wipe does remove eye makeup nicely, but it took a painful experiment to find that out. I just take my toner around my eye area and so far I've had no problems, but it is kind of inconvenient.
Conclusion: That's the only downside to these wipes, that I've found, though. I'm still totally in love with these and I'll keep buying them as long as I can. The lack of residue and the exfoliation on the rest of my face is just too good. I'm a bit of an exfoliation junkie, though (It's genetic. My mom's the same way), so it's worth it for me. If you have more sensitive skin, you may not want to buy these. Maybe try the cleansing wipes from this brand? I just bought some, but haven't tried them out. When I do, though, ya'll be the first to know.

The overall grade I would give these is a "B+," because while the only downside is how painful these can be around the eye area, that is a pretty significant problem for something that goes on your face.
Where to Buy: You can find these for around $5-$7 at drugstores, Wal-Mart, Kmart & Target.

Have you tried anything from this line? What did you think of it? Anyone try the eye makeup remover? I've been looking it and would love to know what you thought of it. Comment below :)

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